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 Game Maker 8.1 is Released!

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Game Maker 8.1 is Released! _
PostSubject: Game Maker 8.1 is Released!   
Game Maker 8.1 is Released! Icon_minitimeMon Apr 18, 2011 8:49 pm

Akhirnya telah rilis Game Maker 8.1!

Game Maker 8.1 is Released! GM_81_productpage_LITE_716x130



Quote :


Changed room editor RIGHT mouse click priorities. Menu for normal, CTRL+RMB for delete

Room ZOOM mode added

Mouse Wheel ZOOMS in room editor

Middle mouse button PANS around the room.

Transparent Background Settings dialog moved to main form.

Transparent Background grid size now a global setting.

Transparent Background grid added to room editor.

Transparent Background grid can now have user colours.

Image Editor now uses the mouse wheel to zoom.

Image Editor now uses the middle mouse button to "pan"

Can now PAN around inside the PATH editor using the middle mouse button.

You can now change the default background colour for rooms (when no ROOM background has been set)

You can now disable background room filling, so you can see the background GRID when no ROOM colour has been set.

Added +/-/= zoom buttons to Room toolbar

You can now RIGHT CLICK an object and EDIT it from within the Room Editor.

Rendering inside the Code Editor sped up.

inside the code editor, you can now mark a block of text and use TAB and SHIFT-TAB to tab it in and out.

News window now resizable.

Room settings now remembers "maximised" setting.

Shiney new ABOUT box.

Resource renaming changed back to windows default; F2 (was changed from F2 to CTRL-R in GM 8.0)

Code window now has a "toggle" icon for Code Completion on/off

You can now press ESCAPE inside the code editor to get rid of the code completion box.

Game Maker now saves .gm81 files (instead of .gmk)

New .EXE encryption

New News feed system added

draw_self() added

os_type returns you the operating system your running on (win, mac, ios etc.)

os_device returns you a device type (iPhone, iPhone4, iPad etc.)

ZBuffer is now 24Bit

Hardware T&L for Faster 2D and 3D rendering.

You can now change the background colours of the code editor, including the current line and selection.

"Delete underlying objects" Now off by default in the room editor.

You can now use <AltGr&gr (right alt) in the code editor to insert accented characters.

d3d_light_define_ambient( colour ) added for a global ambient

You can now set the default TAB on the object panel (so you can default to the code panel for example)

In Standard Edition, script searching will now search ALL scripts, including objects, rooms, creation events, timelines and triggers.

added dot_product(x1,y1, x2,y2)

added dot_product_3d(x1,y1,z1, x2,y2,z2)

added point_distance_3d(x1,y1,z1, x2,y2,z2)

Font creation totally rewritten. Now produces much nicer anti-aliased fonts, and doesn't cut them off.

You can now change the "Execute a piece of code" in D&D action list, by using the 1st line of your script and a "///" style comment at the start.

Quote :


Undo in Text Editor. when you undo a change and then save the script or run the game, the change is not saved.

Error in reading reals from text files. When you read two numbers from a single line in a text file and the first one is 0, the numbers are not read correctly.

0000536. mp_grid_add_cell is bugged. Also fixed same issue in mp_grid_clear_cell is bugged

0000597. Overly large images were not being clamped correctly and were causing corruption.

0000589: tile_layer_find() doesn't account for scaling. (also in tile_layer_delete_at(), tile_find(), tile_delete_at() )

0000255: Replacing code at the start of the line. cursor column was going negative.

0000580 - If you use sprite_create_from_surface on a blank surface the sprite will be completely opaque.

sprite_create_from_surface: if you set paramater "removeback" to 2, it will now copy the alpha "as is".

If you created a background image but didn't add one, the game would fail to load.

Personal Opinion:

(Khusus versi Lite) Sangat kecewa pas dijadiin .exe, ada watermark dan splashscreennya.

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Game Maker 8.1 is Released!

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